As a green company, mobile services helps its customers repair their broken mobile handhelds. Each year, we service Blackberry’s, apple iphones, ipod, ipad, laptop & all smart phones or recycling them in a responsible manner. We work with companies of all sizes - from small businesses to fortune 1000s & individuals as well. A mobile service is run by a group of individuals who have many years of experience with supporting all mobiles handhelds and software.
Mobile services offers the perfect solution for Blackberry’s, apple iphones & other smart phones that are out of warranty, accidental damage or liquid damage which warranty does not cover. If you have a Blackberry Repair with a cracked or broken screen, a trackball that is not navigating correctly or does not work when pushed, then you have come to the right place! We usually have all the stock of mobiles spare parts like lcds, lenses, trackballs and retaining rings, housings, keypads, keyboards, batteries, battery covers, jog wheels, housing, escape switches, usb ports, accessories and more for all mobile models.
For our walk-in customers, many repairs can be done while you wait and we guarantee our work for 15 days. Whether you need a simple fix like cell phone screen repair, or a more complicated repair on a phone that just doesn't seem to be working; our expert staff can quickly assess your cell phone, make the necessary repairs and you can get back to your busy life. as always, mobile services performs free diagnostics and gives free estimates for repair, with no obligation. our customers will tell you, no one does a better job at repairs, sells higher quality parts or has better customer service.
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